Spiritualism exists because of the existence of the spirit world, the spirit world exists because of the existence of the human soul, and its eternal journey after physical death.


The soul is the part of a human being that survives death of the physical body though invisible to both mortals and spirits. This is because it is made of an extremely high vibrational material that, one could say, is from “out of this world”, for the soul is of the spiritual world. The soul cannot be weighed or measured in any physical sense; yet, its existence can be detected by the presence of an aura, which is the result of the active energy of the soul.

Jesus writes:

“The soul is a creation of God and not an emanation or projection from God. Created in the image and likeness of its Creator, although not of the same substance. The human soul is made of the matter that already existed in the spiritual universe, and the soul’s creation took place long before the appearance of mortals in the flesh. Prior to that appearance, the soul had its existence in the spirit world as a substantial conscious entity, without visible form or individuality, yet with a distinct personality, so that each was different from all others”.

As a snowflake or a fingerprint is unique, no two souls are identical. This explains why siblings, even identical twins raised in the same family, can be very different people, due to the individuality of each soul.

Jesus continues: 

The soul is a thing of itself, a real substance, though invisible, and is the discerner and portrayer of man’s moral and spiritual condition, never dying, so far as known. The real ego of man because seated in it are the love principles, the affections, the appetites and the passions.

In the course of eternity, the soul will have the possibility of receiving, possessing and assimilating those things that will elevate it to a state of perfection or of divinity”.


Phase I: Incarnation
The soul is created in the spirit world, just prior to incarnation it splits into a separate male and a separate female soul. These souls then incarnate into respective male and female bodies (fetuses), and born on earth into the flesh. The two halves of the one original soul are known as “soulmates”.

Phase II:   Physical Life

The earth is the nursery for the soul; it is the most important time in the soul’s existence, because these formative years provide the foundation for its continued existence as a spirit. Whenever a man and woman co-mingle to produce a receptacle, the fetus will always receive a soul, regardless of the hardships it may face, otherwise, the child would not be born alive.

Phase III:   Return to the Spirit World 

When the physical body dies, there is a breaking of the silver cord and the soul is released to the spirit world. The soul will be drawn up to the plane that is comparable with its condition by the spiritual laws of attraction and compensation.


An etheric, silver cord connects the soul to the central nervous system of the physical body. There is evidence of its existence from the thousands of accounts of OBEs (out-of-body experiences) and NDEs (near-death experiences) by perfectly reasonable people. Researchers have documented the experiences of those who claim during surgery or trauma to have been out of their physical body while pronounced clinically dead. They are then told that it is not their time and suddenly they are returned to their body, vitals return and the technician says,  “We’ve got him back.”

The silver cord’s functions for the soul in a similar manner to the umbilical cord’s function for the fetus. The existence of the silver cord can even be found in the Bible: “Or ever the silver cord is loosed ... and the dust returns to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it” (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7).



“The physical part of humans is the result of the meeting of those forces that are contained in the two sexes. This is in accord to the laws of nature to produce the one body, fit to be the home of the soul that is destined for it. The body, which results from this meeting, is intended only as a temporary vehicle for the development of the soul: for the body, of itself, has neither consciousness nor sensation and in its beginning has only the borrowed life of its mother.

We cannot see the soul as it enters into its home in the mortal environment, because to us it is invisible and has no form; but after its lodgment in the human fetus, we can perceive and realize its existence, for then it becomes individualized and assumes form. The soul is the true person because seated in it are the attributes and the qualities that constitute the real person: the consciousness, the intellect, the memory, the conscience, the senses and the emotions.”

There is considerable speculation as to when the soul comes into the fetus. Some say at conception, others say at birth. I say the incarnation of the soul cannot take place until the central nervous system of the fetus is developed sufficiently to allow the soul, via the silver cord, to attach. Once the connection is made, the soul becomes the source of the power for the chemical reactions that fire the nerves and powers the muscles and organs.

In light of the information above, the soul does not incarnate and attach to the fetus for approximately three months – for it takes approximately this time for the development of the central nervous system. If a miscarriage or abortion occurs prior to this time, I suggest there would be no spiritual consequence because a soul has not been released to the spirit world. But, if an infant soul does go to the spirit world, it will be adopted by relations or spirit parents and raised as their own to maturity.


Helen Padgett, wife of medium:

“I had scarcely awakened to the fact that my spirit had left my body before my husband’s mother had me in her arms and was trying to tell me that I had nothing to fear or cause me to feel that I was not with those who loved me. I went with her, and she took me to a place that was very beautiful and filled with spirits who had recently passed over.”


Upon death, the soul is released from the physical body encased in its etheric or spirit body. This spirit body is not a new one, but has been with the soul since its incarnation into the mortal flesh. The spirit body takes the place of the physical body and protects the soul during its existence in the spirit world. This body is made the active energy of the soul and reflects the condition of the soul.  

Arthur Findlay, spiritualist author:

“It will be noticed that, throughout these meetings (sessions with the medium John Slone), the etherians mention every part of their body, their hands, fingers, face, lips, mouth, tongue, throat, legs, arms, feet, heart, head, hair, eyes and tears, thus confirming that the spirit body is a duplicate of the physical body.” Spiritualists know this to be true because mediums can describe spirit loved ones with accuracy and in considerable detail.

Francis Bacon:

”The soul’s home is in the spirit body, whether that body is encased in mortal form or not. The soul is never without its spirit body, which, in appearance and composition, is determined by the state of the soul. The soul has a material covering and an appearance that is real and tangible, which changes in appearance as the condition of the soul changes.”

In the spirit world, there is no deformity of the spirit body.  The blind can see, the deaf can hear, the amputee has his limbs. The only afflictions that are brought to the spirit world are the emotional and psychological ones, and, if the spirit so desires, these can be treated by spirit physicians and healed.


The soul is where human love dwells. The love quality is endowed into every soul at the time of its creation. The purity of this love varies from person to person, depending upon their ability to express love in the world. Motherly love is said to be the strongest, then brotherly love, but, actually, the highest form is soulmate love.

Soulmates do not necessarily incarnate at the same time, often the male incarnates first making him older, which works well in our culture. God wants soulmates to find each other while on earth, and oftentimes they do, but due to social position, finances, education, religion, etc., they can be indifferent to one another. For you see soulmate recognition requires a degree of spiritual development on the part of at least one of the parties.

Once a spirit reaches the third sphere of the spirit world it has earned the privilege of knowing who and where his or her soulmate is located. This will eventually lead to their re-union.

John Padgett, father of the medium:

“My work in the spirit world is helping people find their soulmates. There is a record that contains the names of those who are decreed to be together for all eternity. When I want to learn the identity of the soulmate of one who desires to know, I consult the Book of Soulmates and there, I learn who that person is. If the soulmate is not married, then there is no restriction on me. But if the soulmate is married, then I must wait and not tell the name such is the law in this particular.”

If soulmates do not find each other on the earth, they will as spirits in the spirit world, and are destined to live together in perfect peace, harmony and happiness for all of eternity.